Let me count the ways!

Posted Feb. 25, 2011 by Sari Burkes

As a slight twist on the famous proverb, let me count the ways to prepare, kickoff and countdown SOMETHING-be it an event, performance, sports game, launch, etc (oh, the list goes on!). 


For starters we have the (a) Standard: 3, 2, 1!!! (b) Athletic race: On your marks, get set, GO!!! (c) Dance performance: 5, 6, 7, 8!!! and (d) Rocket science: BLAST OFF!!! (again, the list goes on). 

No matter which way you say it, we can all relate to what it is like to be filled with excitement and anticipation as we kickoff the start of an event, moment, or milestone. Non-profit organizations can likely identify with the prep and countdown of launching a fundraising campaign, initiating a new program or commencing a leadership mission trip to create social change. Reaching a time where the countdown is really ON can be thrilling, exhilarating, and delightful.


Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind as you countdown for such grande events:

  • Twitter: Be sure to follow the event, key attendees, bloggers, and hashtags.


CEO Arnon live tweeting

  • Facebook: Join the appropriate groups on Facebook. Get a feel for what is going on. Jump in. Introduce yourself. Have a voice.


Checking the g2g Facebook fan page

  • Meet-Ups: What opportunities are there to connect with other attendees? Check out ways to network both before and throughout the event. Sites like meetup.com, aim to help people organize a local group or find one that is already active and meeting face-to to-face.


   This is what arranging a meet-up looks like

  • Off-line Presence: What are you doing with your real-life presence? Prepare posters and other materials consistent with online messages. Prepare business cards that deliver a message specific to the event. Register to other activities, cocktail parties, meet-ups and networking events going on leading up to or after the main event.


g2g team at a real life event


The sense of anticipation that we at give2gether are experiencing right now is at its peak as the upcoming months are seasoned with a plethora of events and conferences.  Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned on Facebook for updates of what is to come!


That’s right, we are dotting our i’s, crossing our t’s and putting our final touches (gel in hair and logo shirts pressed) on the last few bits and pieces.


So really, the bottom line is that we are ready for takeoff and we simply wanted to share that with you! 

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