March Madness - Part 2 - Hype, Buzz and a Mashable Post!

Posted April 4, 2011 by Sari Burkes

Social Media activity has never been more active than it has been this past month, seasoned with buzz by the barrels, a plethora of posts, mucho mentions and reams of retweets! 

The social media hype was a reflection of the loads of activity taking place on many levels, such as...

Mashable saying that give2gether might be the Google analytics for philanthropy.

 Our presence at NTC and AFP 2011.






Raven Woods campaign reaching their fundraising target, saving the lives of over 100 dogs!

 These are just the tip of the iceberg...the list goes on.

With all the activity taking place, one of the significant highlights of this month was the support that radiated from our community-from non-profit organizations to activists and advocates, to donors, which were all part of this exciting time and journey. What a thrill! 

Here are 3 lessons learned by give2gether during the exhilarating times and during the times that we were being applauded in the limelight:

  • Express appreciation: Thank your supporters, the community that was excited with you and there for you. Post a Thank You message on Facebook and Twitter, expressing that you are grateful, and could not have done it without their help!
  • Remember your roots: The people and experiences from our past help to shape our present and future. Trace back to your mentors, educators, and insights that came from the earlier days and remain grounded to the reality that our past is a big part of our current success! 
  • Take it all in: Enjoy it. Soak it up. Live up the delightful moments that you worked hard for. Your accomplishments are meant to be relished.


The hype has come but it is far from being gone. So if March Madness was mmaaaadddd, how shall we refer to April? Suggestions are welcomed!

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