The Value of Video

Posted Feb. 4, 2011 by Sari Burkes

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  So, just try to imagine the value of a video! (If you want to try to do the math, use a calculator – there are lots of zeros!)


By introducing the creativity of web videos into the marketing blend, non-profits can bring their causes to life, engage and mobilize the community and generate momentum. Several non-profits have begun to make use of the video integration tools on their give2gether campaign pages, as well as on their Facebook pages. Things just got viral!


Since humans are visual creatures, web videos provide imagery that captivate audiences in a different way than a blog or newsletter. Videos can actually show (pun intended!) the social issues behind the good causes, stimulate conversations and unite supporters.


Thinking back to our recent blog post on Leveraging Transparency, videos are another valuable way non-profits can leverage the transparent nature of the web, thereby building trust and effecting social change.


Below are some top tips of what you can include in a video:


  • Mission Statement and Vision: Provide further insight into the mission, values and goals of your organization. Be inspirational!
  • Introduce your team: Putting faces to names goes a long way to engender trust. It also gives you the chance to celebrate your hard working team.
  • Beneficiary testimonials: Bring the voices of the community you are seeking to support, to the surface. Highlight experiences, stories and testimonials of the people you are trying to help – give the community a voice!
  • Initiatives and Programs: Share what you are up to. What are some of the activities that you want viewers to know about? Did your non-profit recently complete a youth leadership conference? A campaign program? Show us-don’t just tell us!
  • Volunteers: Take the time to showcase your volunteers, show us how they are spending their time and the ways they are making a difference. Volunteers are passionate about the work that they do, and passion can be infectious.
  • Awards: This is a perfect opportunity to include footage of ceremonies or events in which your non-profit was honored. If there’s something to celebrate – invite everyone to the party!


Also, take a look at the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards and view, among others, examples like Canadian Cancer Society - Join the Fight, Darius Goes West--A DVD in EVERY SCHOOL! and Charity: Water, to gain insights from highly-rated web videos non-profits have created. 

If non-profits want action, how about creating a lil’ first?!

If you’ve created a viral video that you’re proud of – share it with us.  Our popcorn is warm and we’re waiting to watch!

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