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    • 5%
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Get the world's best online fundraising application.

Raise more money, grow your online constituency. Simple.

We succeeded beyond our wildest expectations raising 34 times more income than ever before and engagaing 20X new donors. What’s even more encouraging is that I'm convinced we will do even better in our 2015 campaigns

A goal of $25,000... was beyond our expectations. But we were proven wrong. Two intensive weeks of a great campaign brought us to meet our goal.



  This is by far our best social fundraising campaign in terms of reach and donor engagement.... The fans truly connected with the effort...We set a goal of $300,000 and raised more than $350,000 in one month.

(-) Shoni Field, BCSPA’s direct response specialist.

  (-) Richelle Fatheree, Men's Lacrosse, Arizona State University   (-) Mike Shinoda, Founder Linkin Park & Music for Relief


90% of our clients raise their entire yearly license fees during their first month.

Don't take our word for it. See more testimonials below.


What you get

  • Turnkey solution for fundraising and community building
  • FREE Facebook Application
  • Integration with SalesForce
  • Secured billing system
  • Advanced analytics and online reporting
  • Integration to popular social media sites
  • Personalized, grass roots activist pages
  • Simple Drag & Drop campaign mini-site
  • Automatic acknowledgment of donations
  • Automatic receipting for all online gifts
  • email/chat support during working hours


How it works

give2gether pricing is refreshing.

You Choose. No fine print, no hidden costs. Since part of our vision is democratization of philanthropy, all levels carry the exact same functionality.

Here is how it works. Look at the left (Blue) column, and estimate how much do you believe you can raise. Now,

Choose Basic if you believe you can raise $10,000-$25,000 a month, or go for the Advanced or Premium levels accordingly if you believe you can raise $50,000 or $100,000 or more every month, thus keeping more of your net-net donations!




  • License fees are due upfront. 12 month term will get you 2 extra months FREE (i.e. total of 14 months). 24 month agreement will get you 5 extra months FREE (i.e. total of 29 months)
  • Billing and Credit Card Fees: give2gether uses your payment gateway to collect donations made by your donors. Our billing partners (IATS payment, Sage, PayPal, Tranzila or Network for Good) accept all major credit cards, and debit cards. All donors' billing and credit card processing fees are independent of your give2gether fees and are according to your organization's agreements with your payment gateway.
  • give2gether transaction Fees: processed online of the top of each donation at the moment of the transaction, alongside your Billing and Credit Card/PayPal fees. For example, if your PayPal agreement is set to 2%+$0.3 per transaction, and your give2gether pricing level is set to premium (3.5% per transaction), a $100 donation net net to your organization will be $94.2. Here is how: $100-($2+$0.3+$3.5)
  • Access to give2gether platform enables your organization to raise funds online and grow your online donor community. To read more about the licensing agreement, please click here End User Licensing Agreement.



"In our first two campaigns, we more than doubled our previous results (and this was in the summer!). We are hooked!"


  Christy Wilkerson,

  International Administrator, Maoz Israel


BC SPCA’s year-end e-appeals “give them a second chance” have been flat for the past 2 years (2010- 2011).  

“We succeeded beyond our wildest expectations raising 9 times more income than ever before and engaging 20X new donors. 

We have launched 3 campaigns so far and are getting ready to launch more very soon.”


  Shoni Field,

  BCSPA’s direct response specialist.


We used the Give2gether platform in our campaign to place wreaths on the headstones of our veterans buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The staff was great to work with and took a lot of time helping us apply best practices and better donor strategies. We definitely saw improved giving rates through email, Facebook, and for our Ambassadors to set up their own fundraising pages.

Tobin Slaven, CEO/Founder at MustTryIt! Media

on behalf of Wreaths Across America


The Leiby Kletzky memorial Fund is truly grateful to give2gether. They helped us raise $60,000 in a single day and $250,000 during the first week of our  campaign! Their support team was there at all times. I highly recommend them to all nonprofit charities for a highly visible and successful campaign. 
Best wishes and good luck!

  Clara Altman, 
  Operations Director, Leiby Kletzly Memorial Fund 





"This is by far our biggest success as far as reach and funds raised. The fans truly connected with the effort...We set a goal of $300,000 and raised more than $350,000 in one month - the fans pulled together and blew just past our goal, it's amazing."

  Mike Shinoda

  Founder Linkin Park & Music for Relief






We just raised $35,000 in less than 6 weeks! We were amazed by the connectivity to social networks. It's so easy to use and better than anything out there. 
give2gether's success team supports you at every level, you really feel they care and want you to succeed. Thank you give2gether, we couldn’t have done it without you!!!


  Joanna Landau

  Founder & Executive Director
  Kinetis Ltd. (Charitable Company)




With 30 years of experience and having researched most online giving platforms, we were thrilled find give2gether. Helping Easter Seals Greater Houston in their Care2Spin campaign, the personalized attention and fanatic customer service were impressive.  HIGHLY recommend! 

  Sara Speer Selber, President
  The Project Management Team





Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA)

We raised money from 1 out of every 6 visitors!! First and foremost, social fundraising works!  The entire give2gether team understands the keys to success, possess invaluable insights, guide and challenge your thinking and most importantly, have a genuine passion for helping organization's make a difference in their communities!

   Joli cooper-nelson,

  AKA campaign manager






give2gether transforms the way that we fundraise online today. We are launching our 4th campaign - and it is so simple to use! We managed to save the Reut Home from closure, saving 24 boys

Our first campaign helped us raise $50,000 that saved our kids from being on the street or locked up in psychiatric wards or juvenile detention centers....I think the social aspect really makes a great difference. Also, the One-on-One with the optimizer from give2gether really helps generate a game plan for the campaign  which  results  in  it  being  a  lot  more  efficient.”


  Michael Fisher

  Director of Development, Orr Shalom





As a small community based organization I highly recommend give2gether. In addition to reaching our fundraising goal in a record time, we loved the personalized training and highly effective best practices that positioned our campaign for success. The team shares the secrets of social fundraising success so I am now considered an expert among my colleagues! What do you know :)


  Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan

  Nava Tehila, Jerusalem





"Climb your heart out" is a project that started back in 2011. I was part of a delegation from Save a Child's Heart, who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, in an effort to raise funds and we've reached over $900,000 towards our 1 Million Dollar goal.

give2gether stands out because of their constant customer service, around the clock help. They hleped make the Internet personal and compelling for Save a Child's Heart. 

“give2gether’s  customer  support  is  by  far  one  of  its  main  advantages.  give2gether   are very responsive and any issue or customization request I had was taken care of very  quickly  by  the  support  time.”

   Randi Weiss, Young Leadership

   Save  A  Child’s  Heart




In order to turn interest into donations, you need to have an easy and attractive "converter". give2gether gave us an effective and eloquent platform. I was doubtful at first,  but I quickly realized this is the best tool my organization has ever used. In less than three weeks we were able to raise over $25,000 for a non-profit men's sports team with a small invitation list.  

  Richelle Fatheree

  Men's Lacrosse, Arizona State University





Brandeis University

Brandeis University has partnered with give2gether on three different fundraising initiatives, two designed to raise money for student scholarships and the third to fund construction of bleachers at the sports facility.

give2gether's state-of-the-art tools empower Brandeis alumni soliciting fellow alumni for gifts. It's our experience that alumni respond more positively to fellow alumni than professional fundraisers.

I highly recommend that any institution of higher learning consider give2gether as part of its fundraising efforts.

  David E. Nathan
  Director of Development Communications
  Office of Development and Alumni Relations
  Brandeis University





Elem, Youth in Distress

As a development consultant with 10 years experience, I've worked with many fundraising tools. give2gether is the most innovative platform out there!

I highly recommend any Non-Profit eager to expand its online support community and  to embrace this platform.

  Oren Heiman
  Elem, Youth in Distress
  Founder and Ex-Chairman of Elem-Entry at Elem




When we started working with G2G, our goal of raising $36,000 seemed like a wild dream and beyond our ability to deliver. 

But- we were proven wrong and in 2 months we met our goal.

Now that give2gether's benefits are clear, we will use it again and again. 

  Efrat Carmi





North American Family Institute

We have been so fortunate to have give2gether as our partner.  

We increased our total funds raised by more than 2,000%.

We look forward to continuing our working relationship with give2gether, and we strongly recommend their services.

  Jay Paris                                                          

 North American Family Institute
 Director of Development and Services






Giving Lavi Life

We are Yulia and Gili Ben-Moshe; we are parents on a fund-raising campaign to save our son's live, and many other children's.

We reached monetary goals no one believed were possible for us.
We did it with a team who were  committed to our journey as if it were their own.  Our partnership proves anything is possible, any amount can be raised, and that the goals and dreams of any individual or organization can be realized.

  Yulia & Gili Ben Moshe

  Lavi's Parents





Want to share your give2gether campaign? Email us: mystory@give2gether.com



give2gether is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that enables NPOs to create online fund raising campaigns in 5 easy steps, fully integrated with their social media efforts. The software is designed to enable nonprofits to easily and cost-effectively launch customized online fundraising campaigns. give2gether’s product assists nonprofit organizations to create unique, personalized and targeted online campaigns for donor outreach. These communications are designed to inspire social activism by sharing campaigns with others and infusing healthy competition into charitable giving.




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