Traditional and online fundraising share some characteristics, but are differrent in  many ways. Taking your fundraising online is more than a strategic decision - it is a new channel with different rules and metrics of its own. Whether you have been fundraising online for a while, or you are just getting started, here are the main benefits:

  • Improved conversion rates: 10% email to donor conversion rates
  • Facebook conversion: 5.5% of Facebook traffic donating
  • Extended reach: 6% of online donors also ask their social networks to give
  • Increased revenue: social fundraisers average $2,100 raised each
  • Instant Set Up: simple and fast
  • Expertise: campaign theme, presentation and strategy assistance included

Using give2gether to:

1.      Customize your campaigns: you can modify your campaign and make it as  unique and personal as possible. You can run multiple campaigns that are "tailored" to your giving opportunities and projects and marketed to different segments of your constituents.   

2.      Spread the word - and quickly create a buzz:  launching your online fundraising campaign with give2gether is a great start. The Web is all about generating traffic, and you can do this even if you are not an expert Web marketer! Every nonprofit can enhance your traffic and exposure with minimum cost and time investment,(read more about 6 keys to increase your donor traffic)

3.      Built-in transparency: The more transparent your organization is about its cause and goals, the higher your visitor's trust and willingness to participate will be. give2gether makes it to share your goals, targets and statistics with your campaign visitors, generating industry leading donation and online revenue generation levels. 

Imagine an existing donor "liked" your post on Facebook, announcing the launch of your new online fundraising campaign. Her cousin, also "likes" this post, and her high school friend is also presente with the campaign.The friend doesn't know anything about your organization.  Since their "Friends are involved, they click on the link, visit your campaign and donate. When setting up your  campaign make sure to keep your visitors sense of trust. Trust is created through transparency. For example, make sure to show:

a) Why you need to raise this amount of money? Break it down.

b) How will the donations be allocated in order to reach the goal?

c) Examples of past campaigns (offline/ online) and the impact they had.

Keep in mind that often, online, trust can be the only difference between a visitor and a donor!


4.      The information is right in front of you! Everything happens in real time, making it simple to monitor, analyze and fine tune.  When you launch your campaign, invest time in setting it up, generating the buzz and looking at your reports.  

Once the campaign starts rolling, you will see a growing number of daily visitors and donations. It's time to analyze your campaign results and here are examples: 

a) Visitor sources: which traffic source was most effective? Which source  generates the highest average donation and coverted the largest % of vistors into donors? Can you invest more in your most effective sources?

b) Invitation letters: what are the open rates for your letters? Which subject line generates the  highest open rates? What segment of your audience is most responsive to your email invitations?

c) Champions,(fundraisers): how much revenue do your fundraisers bring in?  Which messages and pictures convert the most vistors and donors into fundraisers? 

d) Donation rates: Are donation rates higher for you on weekdays/ weekends? What time of day?  Whare your gifts coming from, locally, regionally,  internationally?

Analysis options are dependant on amount of information and ease of usefull insights provided by the vendor. Make sure to look for meaningful and actionable insights.

You need to focus on ithe nsights you can influence that will generate higher donation ratios, bigger donations and higher participation ratios.

The Web's clear advantages include cost-effectiveness, scalability, viral effect and the ability to instantly analyze and optimize.

The faster you tap into the online channel, the quicker you campaign skills will improve abd you will rapidly find online fundraising a viable and sustainable source for donations.

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