Matching Gift Challenge

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This is a rare opportunity for us and the animals.

Let me explain, Thanks to two private family foundations (who wish to remain anonymous), a Matching Gift Challenge has been established to match your gift three times on the dollar, up to $67,000!!!

$25 becomes $75
$50 becomes $150
$100 becomes $300

Today you can provide three times as much help for three times as many animals through our Matching Gift Challenge. But the challenge ends on May 15th, 2014!

Give three times as much support to the animals!

Two badly injured animals. One is just a kitten found on the street. The other is a dog given-up by her owner. They both desperately need immediate medical attention.

But you can only help just one.

Will you choose Teenie, or will it be Bally?

Today you don’t have to make that choice. Today you have the chance to help both… because today you can TRIPLE the amount of your contribution.

But the challenge ends on May 15th. So please donate now.

Imagine giving three times as much to do three times the good for animals like Teenie and Bally.

Young Bally came to us with a gaping hole on her right back foot. It was just awful. The hole was so large and so deep that our veterinarian could see ligament and bone. We believe that Bally’s foot was caught in some sort of trap.

Seeing this 2 year-old pup in such pain broke our hearts. She couldn’t stand on that foot. We knew that she needed intense and extended medical care if we had any chance of saving her paw.

And Teenie? This poor stray kitten was hit by a car. Her front left leg suffered the worst damage. She could not walk on it. And the muscles were so atrophied and the bones were so broken that we had no choice but to amputate it.

Two adorable, loving animals. Two awful injuries. Both needed rehabilitation and foster care. I shudder to think what their fate might have been if we hadn’t been able to take them in. It’s heartbreaking to consider. Our only desire is to make sure they get the love and life they deserve.

But it cannot happen without your support. As you know, our work is costly.Surgeries, spay, neuter, vaccines, food… the list goes on-and-on.

Please make your most generous contribution that will automatically triple 3 times in life-saving value.  Thank you!


Completed Successfully


Thank you for your support!

Our 225 donors and supporters made this campaign a success in 27 days.

Raised C$67,380 out of C$67,000



Are you still accepting donations for this campaign?


Thank you so much for the wonderful and heartfelt support for this campaign!

We were able to meet our matching gift goal however - there are always more animals who need our help.

 We are still accepting much needed donations for the animals in our care - these donations will now be directed to our general Fund.

 If you prefer to donate through PayPal, 


 If you prefer to donate via The WHS Website - click here


Is my donation tax deductable?


Yes! A charitable receipt will be mailed to you for all donations $20 or more.  Should you wish a tax receipt for donations less than $20 - please contact


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